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Guiltless Satisfaction

Because the best things come in little packages

Mini Macarons

There’s always a friend who absolutely adores Macarons, but will endlessly complain about how she’s counting calories and can’t afford to eat anything, much less Macarons. For those friends, we might just have a solution.

Well deserved Reward

This box of Mini Macarons was crafted especially with these friends in mind. Small enough to not overshoot the calories, but large enough to satisfy the sweetness cravings, this is ideal for the health-conscious dessert lovers. We all know a good friend who is deserving of a rewarding taste of Macarons.

Now, you can be the one to deliver this good news. Reward them with a delicious box of mini macarons that they can enjoy, completely guilt-free!

Customised Macarons Singapore
Customised Macarons Singapore

Tickling the Tastebuds

Some of us might even look to enjoy this box of Mini Macarons ourselves. Afterall, there is no greater feeling then rewarding yourself with some lovely deserts you can indulge in without worrying about adding those extra weights.

Turn this box of mini Macarons into something you look forward to, a reward you gift yourself which you can savor without feelings of over-indulgement.

At less than 65 calories, these mini macarons are the ideal treat! Whether it is for you or your friends, you know they will be heartily enjoyed.

Our  5 Favourites

Is this scenario familiar? We did well in our projects or scored well in the exams, and decided to head over to our favorite restaurant to get our long overdue food-fix. After an absolutely fantastic lunch, we say our goodbyes and part ways. That’s when the guilt-trip hits. We realized just how much we have eaten, and the months of exercise we will need to shed that extra weight.

Mini Macarons takes the guiltiness out of pleasure eating. With bite-sized Macarons, you can indulge in as many Macarons as possible. Below are some of our favourite Macarons series and collection.

Rainbow Collection


In instead, you prefer a greater variety of colors, this should be the ideal collection for you. Each box comes with 6 macarons of different colours each.


Small Box: Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink

Medium Box: 2 x Small Box

Large Box: 3x Small Box

Eiffel Towel Special


Paying homage to its French origins, this unique Mini Macarons collection is arranged into a structure resembling that of the Eiffel Tower. It makes for an especially beautiful ornament and can be a thoughtful gift to be shared with close friends and family members.


For the millennials who have a natural attraction towards aesthetically pleasing food, this can even be the star of your next Instagram post.


With a general pastel-colored theme and colorful toppings, the Eiffel Tower Mini Macarons exudes a young, lively and vibrant feel that is sure to capture the imagination of the young millennials.

Pink Panther Collection


Perfect for lovers of pink.


This Macarons collection comes in two shades of pink. It’s not a lot of variety, but it sure is a lot of tasty. Besides, why have any other colors when your best friend only loves pink?


Small Box: 12 macarons

Medium Box: 24 Macarons

Large Box: 36 Macarons

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