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Rewinding back to our favorite cartoons shows.

Tsum Tsum Macarons

The greatest gift that Disney gave us fans, was when they launched the Tsum Tsum collection. Instead of being limited to virtual screens, we can now interact with our favorite Disney characters through cute collectible stuff toys.

Now, we have Tsum Tsum Macarons.

Our Characters

Is your friend a huge Minnie fan? Or is her favorite character Bambi? Most of our childhoods were distinctly shaped by Disney franchises, as we grew up around the stories of Lion King, Mulan, and Lilo and Stitch.

A Box of Tsum Tsum Macarons would hold great sentimental value and would delight your friends. Even if that fails, you are guaranteed to at least get an “OMG that’s so cuteeeee!” out of them, and that’s really the reaction you want to evoke with a thoughtful gift.

Customised Macarons Singapore
Customised Macarons Singapore

Conversations with Tsum Tsum

Not only will your friends be surprised by the yumminess of the Tsum Tsum Macarons, it can also lead to fresh and exciting conversations.

Conversations about your childhood memories, and the shows that have touched you deeply. Memorable quotes from Disney cartoons that shaped your worldviews, and incidents that have changed your life forever. More than just Tsum Tsum Macarons, these are the final pieces for you to genuinely connect with someone.

A tea break together doesn’t have to be overly extravagant. Just 2 people, sitting around a table, with stories to share, memories to create, and a simple box of Macarons.

Our  3 Favourites

Disney has expanded so rapidly in the last few years, and have launched several new franchises. However, there are some that will always be held close to our hearts. These are the ones that have accompanies our childhood, that told us stories of courage, heroism and most importantly, friedship.

Below are the 3 favorite collections that we have made for some of our past customers. They have been delightfully well-received.

Tsum Tsum I


The original classics. All the characters that we have come to know and love since Day 1.


1st Row: Eeyore, Minni, Scrump

2nd Row: Stich, Mickey, Pooh

3rd Row: Chip, Dale, Tigger,

4th Row: Donald, Daisy, Piglet

Tsum Tsum II


The original few mixed with the newer modern inventions. We especially love the inclusion of hello kitty in this collection, since this is a big part of collective childhood memories.


1st Row: Hello Kitty, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh

2nd Row: Totoro, Daisy, Donald, Tigger

3rd Row: BayMax, Sullivan, Mike, Piglet

Tsum Tsum III

A more rounded rendition of Tsum Tsum II. These macarons were made to have a more circular shape. However, this collection does not include the Hello Kitty in Tsum Tsum II.


1st Row: Daisy, Donald, Pooh

2nd Row: Totoro, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Tigger

3rd Row: BayMax, Totoro, Tigger


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