For the dessert lovers who understand the importance of food aesthetics, AmoreMcarons offer same-day delivery for fresh-from-the-oven, customized Macarons


Stunning decorations with tints of creativity


Crisp Outer Shell + Rich Inner Fillings


Simple order and delivery process


Personalised Macarons, tailor-made to requests


It’s not easy to find that Macarons shop that can provide you with what you want. Especially for occasions like Birthday Parties or Wedding Reception, the Macarons need to be truly breathtaking. Yet, there is so much room for error. Haphazard packaging. Late delivery. Unpopular macaron flavoring. All of this can turn what was once a highly anticipated event into a nightmare.

We know, because we were once you

Macarons Singapore Delivery


These were the exact troubles that Crystal and I had to go through when we were planning for a friend’s 18th birthday years ago. Long story short, we were only this close to facing a complete birthday disaster.

This was the primary motivation for us to begin our own adventures in baking Macarons for private events. We have embarked on a wonderful journey since, and it has taken us to where we are now.


At AmoreMacarons, we aim to deliver beautiful bespoke Macarons that matches your lofty expectations. We hope to connect with you through our macarons, and are deeply honored to be able to share with you our heartfelt creations.

We have spent months developing a beautiful recipe that impresses. And now, we hope to convey our passion and dreams through the richness in the taste of our Macarons.

Macarons Singapore Delivery

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